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New Attractions from Mohács to Siklós
The most popular destinations for cultural tourism in the region of Southern Transdanubia are related to the historical period of the Ottoman occupation in the Kingdom of Hungary. A considerable number of monuments built in this era can be found in Southern Transdanubia, in cities and towns such as Pécs, Szigetvár, Mohács and Siklós, which have proven to be enduringly popular among visitors.

The creation of an Ottoman cultural route by joining together the links of the “chain of historical monuments” allows visitors to discover the attractions of this era from a new perspective. The first phase of the thematic route embraces Mohács and Siklós. Hence the rightly exciting name given to it, "The Pursuit of the Janissaries”, which makes reference to the Turks and a world of special attractions offering valuable experiences for visitors. The location of the Battle of Mohács and the Castle and Mosque of Siklós have been very popular tourist attractions for decades now.

Following the developments to be carried out in 2011, these places will be ready to provide visitors with a wider range of services offering even more experiences and the possibility to acquire new knowledge. Besides cultural experiences, the services related to active recreation and the region’s wine culture are also planned to reach higher standards in Mohács.

Our publication describes all the new attractions available for everyone in Mohács and Siklós from 2011.

New Reception Building at the National Historical Memorial Site of Mohács

The national historical memorial site of the Battle of Mohács fought in 1526 was built on the battlefield to commemorate one of the most decisive battles in the history of Hungary and to pay tribute to the fallen heroes. Thanks to the developments of this year, the well-known park with the heart-stirring wooden grave markers, the so-called “kopjafák”, has become a place of pilgrimage truly worthy of the memories it brings back to us. A new and impressive reception building is being built on the site with four storeys to provide place for exhibitions and a café. The dome-shaped top floor is planned to include a lookout so that the visitors can have a view from high above over the graveyard in the shape of petals. In the wood surrounding the graveyard a thematic footpath is going to be constructed. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to practise archery with authentic copies of Ottoman-era bows.

National Historical Memorial Site of Mohács

The layout is made by Vadász és Társa Építőművész Kft.

The Castle of Siklós

The town of Siklós, which is the economic and cultural centre of the micro-region, is justly famous for its wines, Castle and many other monuments; moreover, its inhabitants can now be rightly proud of its historic town centre currently under reconstruction and the charming little streets neatly combining the fading past with the promising future.

The Castle of Siklós has become the symbol of the town. The artistic events it offers are enriched by renewed permanent and temporary exhibitions on history, painting and fine arts. A number of entertainment programmes, classical and popular music concerts as well as summer theatre performances are also organised for the visitors of the Castle. The ancient and renovated parts of the Castle give a unique experience.
The Dorothy Garden of the Castle, just as the Barbican, the ramp, the defensive walls and the machicolations are expected to be renovated soon. The new Visitors Centre to be built showcasing modern architectural solutions will serve as the region’s tourist information centre, as well.

tural Center of Siklós Castle

The layout is made by Archigeo Bt., Judit Kaló

Water tourism base by the riverside of the Danube

The town of Mohács is the traditional centre of the Danube’s water tourism. The town aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy the diverse local opportunities the river is offering through various sports facilities. For this purpose new places for mooring are going to be constructed, and watercraft and bicycle rentals are also planned to open. The promenade by the riverbank is going to be extended and renewed to please those wishing to have a pleasant stroll and relax with the family along the river; a new playground is also going to be built.

Watersport accessories rental

The layout is made by Béla Bagó

Developments in wine tourism in Mohács-Szőlőhegy

Mohács and its region is an important wine-growing area in southern Baranya County, which is rightly becoming more and more famous, mainly for its white wines. Therefore, the cellars and the surrounding area of Mohács-Szőlőhegy are going to be renewed this year; five cellars are to be renovated and the protected path stretching in front of the cellars is going to be covered by decorative cladding. The events square to be built will serve as the venue of many future events to the great pleasure of the fans of wine tourism.

The City vault

The layout is made by Béla Bagó

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